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The Wild Is Waiting, Wolves are Ready

F836 by Michael Clough

This is a photo of Mexican Gray Wolf F836. This beautiful loba lived at the Wolf Conservation Center for several years before her release into the wild near the Arizona/New Mexico border. It has been 1377 days since the US Fish and Wildlife Service released a new Mexican wolf into the wild, F836 was the last wolf given this amazing opportunity. Please read this message from National Wolfwatcher Coalition‘s Southwest Director Daniel Sayre and consider urging USFWS to release more wolves to sustain genetic diversity of this rare species.

“Wolfwatchers, your recent support regarding the Fox Mountain alpha female was overwhelming! Never underestimate your ability to influence positive change.

While the Fox Mountain AF has obtained a reprieve from lethal action, she is to be captured and placed into captivity for her remaining life. It has been suggested that “low genetic value” played a part in the original decision for lethal action. It has been almost four years since the last release of a Mexican gray into the wild. The lack of genetic viability, or variability, is a direct result of no recent releases.”

Please take a moment to tell US Fish and Wildlife that lack of releases is not acceptable considering the current lack of genetic diversity.

Please be polite and urge FWS to:

  • With less than 58 in the wild it is imperative to release more wolves to bolster genetic diversity.
  • Finish revising the 30 year old, and outdated, recovery plan.
  • End lethal actions, especially for successfully breeding pairs.
  • Do more to prevent livestock conflict where breeding pairs inhabit.

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