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Ambassador Wolf Atka Gets Blessed

On Saturday October 13, Atka and crew traveled across the Hudson to meet some great folks Sparkill, NY. We were invited as part of Sparkill’s Christ Church’s annual ECODAY -an event that offered the community a handful of presentations about parks, open space, organic home gardening, and the importance of birds and bee pollen to our local ecosystem. Atka really enjoyed his visit, but perhaps the highlight of the day was his time spent inside the quaint episcopal church.

He had a great time poking around, investigating each pew and organ pipe. At ECODAY’s close, dozens of creatures great and small were scheduled to turn up at the traditional Blessing of the Animals lead by Christ Church Vicar Fr. Tom Faulkner. Before the beasts arrived, the kind Reverend blessed our Ambassador. Atka was amazing and I don’t think the Reverend will ever forget the day he blessed a wolf.