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Quick Check up for Mexican Gray Wolf M740

M740, one of the sixteen critically endangered Mexican gray wolves that call the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) home as part of a Species Survival Plan under the Endangered Species Act, was excited to return to his vast enclosure this morning after a quick health check. The 10-year-old male has been looking a bit thin for a few weeks so we wanted to get a closer look and some blood and fecal samples. Our team of six thought it was be a quick task, after all, our patient is older and supposedly not in tip top shape. Well, the elusive lobo ran circles around us, outwitting everyone of our schemes for over an hour. When we finally did capture the handsome wolf, we collected what we needed, gave him a quick pedicure, and set him on his way. We should know if a few days what is causing his weight loss, our fingers are crossed that it’s something with a simple solution.