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Wolf Conservation Center Joins “Project Yellowstone”

Early this morning the Wolf Conservation Center’s (WCC) Maggie Howell and Spencer Wilhelm began their trek to Yellowstone National Park to enjoy the landscape and beasts they work so hard to safeguard. They’ll be joining dozens of advisers, supporters, and friends from National Wolfwatcher Coalition (NWC) for the organization’s first annual “Project Yellowstone” conference.
Maggie Howell & Spencer Wilhelm

In addition to offering a week of wildlife watching, NWC’s “Project Yellowstone” is an education summit, bringing National Park Service rangers, Park biologists, and fellow educators together to discuss wolf behavior, wolf politics, and the natural and unnatural challenges that this keystone species faces today. The WCC team will be reporting from the field all week long so please stay tuned for reports and photos from our country’s first National Park.