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Giving Thanks to a Special Wolf

One of the biggest challenges for Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) staff and volunteers is figuring ways to say “thank you” everyday to a very special wolf. This fellow needs no introduction to the over 30,000 people that see him annually, but for those who have yet to meet the CEO of the WCC’s Ambassador team, his name is Atka. As an Ambassador wolf, Atka lives on exhibit where he can “teach” WCC visitors about the importance of his wild counterparts. Atka also enjoys traveling with WCC staff to help extend education programming far beyond the WCC’s boundaries in South Salem, NY.

While Atka seems to enjoy his role as Ambassador, unlike some of the critically endangered red and Mexican gray wolves, he will never be granted to opportunity to be a wild wolf. Atka thus misses out on the natural challenges and adventures that his wild brothers and sisters face everyday. For this reason, we strive to show our gratitude to Atka by introducing him to new experiences, smells, tastes and textures as often as we can. Yesterday, thanks to the hospitality of a generous WCC supporter, Atka got to spend the day at the beach! Atka loves the shore, the smells, rocks, and never fail to make him smile. Thank you, Atka. You’re truly an amazing wolf.