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Legal Wolf Battle Ends Victorious for Sportsmen Groups

ESA protections for wolves were eliminated in the northern Rocky Mountain States of Idaho and Montana, and parts of Utah, Washington and Oregon in May of 2009. In delisting wolves, the Fish and Wildlife Service authorized Idaho and Montana to hold wolf hunts that year, Montana’s ending with 73 wolves killed and Idaho with 185 killed. The hunts were controversial but the state-by-state approach to delisting wolves had advocacy organizations filing suit to restore federal protections.

Yesterday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals gave the victory to the states of Montana and Idaho, as well as some sportsmen groups in the legal battle over hunting wolves. The court ordered that a 2010 district court ruling concerning the partial de-listing of wolves from the Endangered Species Act be vacated, and that the underlying case be considered as moot.

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Latest Posted Wolf Hunt Kill in Northern Rockies
Idaho Wolf Hunt Total: 86
Montana Wolf Hunt Total: 47
Wyoming WolfHunt Total: 44

Total Reported Killed This Year: 177
Total Reported Killed Since Delisting: 722