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Recovering From Hurricane Sandy: The Wolves are Alright

Ambassador wolf Atka lending a helping paw

Wolf Conservation Center staff, volunteers, and wolves are sharing a collective sigh of relief. Although Hurricane Sandy did a number on our Center in South Salem, NY, everyone is alright. Dozens of enormous trees fell victim to the storm’s powerful winds tearing down several fences in their fall. Thankfully, although several enclosures were compromised, the wolves remained safe and contained during the powerful storm. WCC staff and volunteers have been working day and night to repair the damage, even working throughout the storm itself putting their own safety at risk. While we continue to recover from the storm, we have cancelled all onsite programs this weekend, November 3rd and 4th. Like many in the northeast, we’re still without power and sadly our generator has failed. If anyone has a generator they are able to lend or donate to the WCC, please contact Rebecca Bose at or 914-217-5969. Big thanks to everyone  sending well wishes our way!

WCC’s heroes!

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