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WCC’s Mexican Gray Wolves Discover New Territory

Mexican wolf M740

Early this morning, Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) staff and volunteers began the first of several “health exam capture days” scheduled this season. Under Species Survival Plan protocols, all captive critically endangered Mexican Gray Wolves and Red Wolves must be checked by a veterinarian on a yearly basis. With the exception of these events, these special wolves live peacefully in a natural environment to help maintain their timidity and best prepare them for a future in the wilds of Arizona.

Paul Maus, DVM

Today’s examinations were lead by WCC friend and veterinarian, Paul Maus, DVM from North Westchester Veterinary Office. Our dedicated team, having been outfoxed by these very wolves before, met prepared to meet the inevitable challenges involved in capturing three evasive wolf packs. Thankfully, we finished processing the 7 wolves (administering vaccinations, taking blood, and weights) within a couple of hours and released everyone back home before lunch. Their “homes,” however, were their biggest surprises of the day! All three packs were shifted so each group returned to new turf following their checkups. Mexican Wolves F837 and M805 are no longer living on exhibit at the WCC, at present, our visitors will be granted the opportunity to behold M805’s litter-mates, F810, M807, and M804. All three packs were shifted, and no doubt, all three packs are tasked with much exploration and scent marking throughout the coming days. Enjoy the adventure, lobos!

Mexican Wolf F837