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Wolf Conservation Center Sends Supporters Howls of Gratitude

 Last week Chase Bank’s Carol A Olech visited the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) to make a very special delivery – a check for $50,000 for the Wolf Conservation Center Foundation (WCCF)! The WCCF, a foundation to provide public and financial support to exclusively benefit the WCC, won a $50,000 grant through the Chase Community Giving Fall 2012 program.

WCC supporters who voted on Facebook (fully 4,917 of them) enabled us to win the stunning prize. The funds are earmarked to help the WCC Foundation buy the last remaining lot of our 27-acre site that we do not already own. Securing ownership of this lot will ensure our ability to stay in our beautiful and nearly ideal home. We are so grateful to those of you who turned out on Facebook again to vote for us. We placed a remarkable 44th in the Chase contest in which charities nationwide vied for $5 million in grants. Further, our tally of nearly 5,000 votes made us one of only 46 organizations to be awarded $50,000 or more. A margin of only 360 votes made the difference in placing contestants over to “top 46” threshold, so every one of your vote mattered in keeping the WCC in the running for $50,000 award instead of seeing our cause drop to the $20,000 level.

Ms. Olech was serenaded with howls of gratitude when visiting the wolves that grant will support. Atka, Zephyr and Alawa also send howls to our wonderful supporters who made this victory possible. Thank you!