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Wolf Conservation Center Welcome Newest Red Wolf Residents

Today marks the beginning of what we hope will be a great adventure for red wolves M1921 and M1922. At this very moment, the two young males from the Trevor Zoo are busy exploring their new digs at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC)!

It’s wolf breeding season, a time of romance and a time for facilities participating in the red wolf Species Survival Plan to separate each pack’s non-breeding males and females. We do this as a precaution to prevent inbreeding during the winter months. If an organization is without supplementary enclosure space, dividing wolves during the winter months requires more than a fence. This is when fellow participants in the red wolf SSP step in to lend a helping paw.

The great folks from the Trevor Zoo arrived at the WCC in the early afternoon in a van packed with critically endangered cargo. It was the first road trip for the two wolves and likely just the first of many exciting experiences they’ll face in the coming months. Ambassador wolf Atka, WCC’s self acclaimed CEO, was behaving like a busybody as he watched us carry the kennels into the enclosure adjacent to his home. With hackles and tail raised, he clearly aimed to assert his position to the rookie reds. Once we arrived in their new temporary home, we opened the kennel doors to allow their adventure to begin. The boys were very cautious, both unwilling to exit their carriers at first. But when prompted with a little poke, they both dashed into the unknown, a vast enclosure full of Nature’s furniture for them to mark and claim as their own. Have fun boys!