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Wolf Conservation Center Ambassador Pack to Remain a Trio

Dear Friends,

Late yesterday afternoon we learned that the Wolf Conservation Center will not be welcoming a new Ambassador pup this spring. Due to unanticipated circumstances, the breeding facility is unwilling to relinquish any pups born this season. Although we’re terribly disappointed, our resolve to provide science-based education programming with Ambassador wolves remains strong.  Ambassador wolves Atka, Zephyr, and Alawa will continue their meaningful work of forging a connection with our visitors and improving our efforts to teach the importance of conservation, ecological balance, and one’s personal responsibility for improved human stewardship of our World.

That being said, the WCC is still prepping for pups. Home to two breeding pairs, the WCC hopes to celebrate the birth of critically endangered red wolves and/or Mexican gray wolves any day now. WCC supporters have been spying on Mexican wolf F749 (and her growing waistline) via our WildEarth.TV webcams, and both F749 and red wolf female F1291 have been demonstrating behavior typical of wolves with pups on the way! So please stay tuned to find out whether or not these special wolves that call the WCC home will be making a priceless contribution to the recovery of their rare species.