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It’s National Endangered Species Day!

National Endangered Species Day is a day to remind us of the significance of protecting endangered species and the wild habitat they require. For Atka, everyday is Endangered Species Day! He helps people young and old grasp the importance of safeguarding the future of wolves in North America for generations to come. While Atka’s future is not at risk, some of his wild brothers and sisters have a less certain outlook. We all have the responsibility to affect the world and today is a perfect day to use your voice in order to speak up for species in need.

The WCC participates in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) and Recovery Plan for two critically endangered wolf species, the Mexican Gray wolf (Canis lupis baileyi) and the Red wolf (Canis rufus). Our participation in SSP captive breeding and our ability to accommodate endangered wolves is essential for these animals to resume their rightful place in the wild. Pleas enjoy this video about the WCC role in the recovery of the Mexican gray wolf.

The Mexican Wolf from Lincoln Athas on Vimeo.