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Mission Snapper: Wolf Conservation Center Interns Come to the Rescue

While chilling in his pond, Atka discovered a new roommate – a snapping turtle! Atka howled for help!

WCC interns Mike and Chris, heard Atka’s howl and alerted WCC’s Maggie that help was needed. The snapping turtle was inside Atka’s enclosure (whicj happened to be guarded by a tree frog gate keeper), so before retrieving his reptilian roommate, Atka needed to get to safety. (FYI – both Maggie and Atka are big fans of Polar Bears International!)

WCC Intern Mike letting Atka get a closer look at the snappy tenant and Chris letting WCC staff and volunteers get a closer look.

WCC interns Mike and Chris releasing Atka’s former roommate (they named him or her “Marvin”) to some more suitable digs. Big thanks to our wonderful and heroic spring interns!