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Mexican Wolf Recovery Efforts and Challenges published a great editorial and video about Mexican gray wolves, the efforts to recover them, and the unnatural challenges they face on the wild landscape.  The video reflects the measures taken to return the critically endangered Mexican wolf to its ancestral landscape in the southwest and the viewpoint of ranchers in the community. Is Ranchers’ entitlement hurting the population? Those in the video want wolves dead and would shoot one themselves. Two Mexican wolves have been released to the wild from the Wolf Conservation Center, one in 2006 and the other on 2008, and each wolf had only a few months to enjoy their rightful place in the wild before being shot and killed. These crimes have a choke-hold on wolf recovery and it’s more important than ever that fellow citizens and decision makers voice their support for Mexican gray wolves. The wolves are ready and the wild is calling. We need to do better at giving wolves a chance.

Read the editorial and watch the video here.

A great way to support wolves and their recovery is by writing a Letter to the Editor.  Here are some tips you will help you to write a more effective letter, and increase your chances of getting published.    How to write your letter.
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