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Young Author Creating a Brighter Future for Wolves

Wolves, their recovery, and the status of this keystone predator in the United States continue to be hot topics in in our country. In the past year we’ve seen many U.S. wolf populations go from endangered to hunted, leaving so many wildlife advocates exhausted, angry, and discouraged. While some have lost hope, others are rolling up their sleeves ready to take on challenges of the future, and they’re not even old enough to vote!

Earlier this month, we met a very special 12-year-old conservationist who also happens to be a published author! We first crossed paths with Katya Raskin two years ago when Wolf Conservation Center Ambassador wolf Atka presented at her school in Yonkers, NY.  Well, Atka made a lasting impression on the middle school dynamo and he is now the protagonist’s namesake in Katya’s first book – “Howl of the Wolf.”  In her book, “Atka” leads the wolves of Pack 16 on a journey through the woods of Alaska to find a safe place to settle. They encounter many dangerous obstacles along the way. Expect the unexpected. 

Katya hopes to raise awareness for wolves through her novel, and inspire other children to express their passions through the written or visual arts.  The book also includes vocabulary words and a glossary that aligns with standards for middle school students. So the book is a great read and a valuable educational tool as well!

We encourage you to order Katya’s book, “Howl of the Wolf,” HERE.  Katya donates 20% of proceeds from her books to help support shelter animals in need.

Katya has a bright future in front of her, and we’re so excited to follow her upcoming endeavors.  Way to go, Katya!