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Day Four in Yellowstone, Thanks for the Wild Memories

A Final Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) Yellowstone Adventure report from WCC’s Spencer Wilhelm (for this year that is!) 

Today was our final day in the field trying to observe wolves.  “Trying” was the key word. Unfortunately, today was about as hot as a fresh bison patty.  We did see wildlife, such as bison, badger, pelican, bald eagle, big horn sheep, and osprey to mention a few, but no wolves.  However, today as we scoped the valleys and the hills we were joined by several special guests. Throughout the day Scott Frazier, a member of the Crow Indian Nation, guided us along our travels with stories of when he was a boy and how he remembers the park.  Scott was a special guest in 1995 when wolves were returned to the park.  He and members of his tribe were invited to preform a “welcome home” prayer ceremony.  Our group was fortunate to be able participate in our own ceremony today.

During our lunch break we were treated to wolf poetry and each of us was presented with a special memento in the form of an actual plaster cast of various wolves who once called Yellowstone home. Although these particular wolves are gone we will treasure these casts forever.

At dinner our guests just kept getting better.  We were joined by Dr. James Halfpenny who is the worlds foremost animal tracker and also the host to all our evenings at his Track Education Center.  Dave Hornoff, of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition was also there. Our presenter for the evening was Bob Landis.  Bob is a wonderful wildlife film maker and has told many stories about Yellowstone and her wolves.  Tonight we were fortunate to view special footage from his newest project.  Many of you may know of Gray Female 06, which is the subject of this project. Bob believes that this film will be release sometime in the winter.  This is a MUST see.  What a terrific animal and an even better story of her life.  Thanks Bob!

Tomorrow many of us will head to the airport.  Another trip has past.  Memories were made.  If you’ve never been to Yellowstone or even if it has been a while since your last trip then you must come.  She is calling you.
Thanks again to our wonderful guides –  Nathan, Linda and all of The Wild Side Crew.