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Day Three In Yellowstone, Wings In Lieu of Wolves

Another WILD Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) Yellowstone Adventure report from WCC’s Spencer Wilhelm. 

Once again began before sunrise.  Shortly after we entered the park I notice three Mountain goats (2 adults and 1 kid) on the steep mountain cliff while on our way to Hayden Valley in search of the Canyon Pack.  Continuing  down the road we had a brief coffee break at Swan flats.  Mist covered the lake, but added a dramatic effect to the view of elk and sandhill cranes.
Now in Hayden, after a series of Bison road blocks, we scoped the valley, but no wolves were in site.  However, a momma grizzly, her two year old cub, ravens, and a bald eagle kept us quit entertained for some time.

During mid day we stopped to visit some the thermal features such as the Mud Volcano. After some lunch we headed to Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon for a hike to see the magnificent views of the Upper and Lower Falls.  Truly a site to see.

As we head back to base camp in Gardiner all seemed quiet until we were almost ready to exit the park.  Yellowstone wouldn’t let us leave.  Within a few moments we found another bald eagle in a tree, a cinnamon black bear along the river, and several female and juvenile big horn sheep.
At dinner we were joined by Scott Frazier of the Crow Indian tribe.  Scott will join us in the park tomorrow to help us better understand the history of Native Americans and their relationship with the park and surrounding areas.  We’ll be heading back to the northern range in search of any of the four wolf packs that occupy the area.