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Recently Released Mexican Gray Wolf Shot and Killed

Just moments ago, we received devastating news from Defenders of Wildlife. Another of the world’s most endangered wolves has been illegally shot and killed. The incident is under investigation, but the victim, Mexican gray wolf F1108, had been mothering a den of young pups so her pups are also assumed to be dead as well.  

Mexican wolf F1108 had only a couple of months to enjoy her rightful place in the wild, and her pups knew no other home than the wild landscape. There are many natural factors that can make survival difficult for individual wolves, but there is nothing natural about these deaths.  Because of this devastating tragedy, only two breeding pairs remain in the wild. 

The death of F1108 weighs heavy on our hearts, but our commitment to our mission and the recovery of Mexican gray wolves in the wild remains strong.  While tragic, these shootings strengthen our resolve to restore these majestic creatures to their ancestral home in the wilds of the Southwest and to raise awareness about this misunderstood predator. Please take this opportunity to submit your comment to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) re: the new proposed rule for Mexican gray wolf management. This proposal is extremely important to the future of Mexican wolves, and in order for this endangered species to recover in the wild, USFWS needs to give these wolves a real chance for recovery by allowing for more direct releases of breeding pairs into additional areas of the southwest. We owe these wolves a chance.

Our friends from Mexican gray wolves offers a link to comment & useful talking points HERE.

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