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Hate, Intolerance, and Wolves

Folks hating wolves is nothing new. And with recent wolf hunts being such a contentious issue, one might expect a certain vitriol with regards to wolves that might not be present in, say, duck hunters. It seems, however, the loathing within many has taken on an air of depravity. Some have gone so far as asking “Is wolf hatred gateway bigotry?” Wolf hunts are in full swing in ID, MT, WY, and WI and social media sites are flooding with aggressive photos and language.

One photo that recently emerged reflected a small group posing with a dead wolf in front of an American flag. The people were armed and their faces masked under white hoods.

“The vilification of predators has taken on a new hue: one associated with righteous patriotism. But all true Americans should be concerned about this tenor of violence and hatred toward other living beings… What lessons are we teaching young people when we show such blatant disrespect and denigration of wildlife?”

A very bad lesson…

Read more from Project Coyote’s Camilla Fox here.

Please help counter this movement of hate and violence and voice your support for wolf recovery. Comment links and effective talking points are below.

Nationwide Delisting Proposal

  • Voice your opposition to the Nationwide Delisting proposal – Comment here.
  • Effective talking points re: delisting plan here.

Proposed Rule Changes that Govern Mexican Wolf Reintroduction

  • Tell USFWS that Mexican wolves are essential  – Comment here.
  • Effective talking points re: Mexican wolves here.

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