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It’s National Wolf Awareness Week

It’s National Wolf Awareness Week! A time to recognize the importance of wolves as an ESSENTIAL part of our natural landscapes and to engage others to become interested & active in wolf survival. Today the Wolf Conservation Center celebrates America’s lesser known wolf – the RED WOLF!  Please enjoy this video and help educate others by sharing it with your peers.  For the kiddos out there, click here to download red wolf coloring sheets.

Please also take a moment to recognize the wolves across the aisle, America’s GRAY WOLF! Gray wolves nationwide urgently need our help and people of all ages can #StandForWolves.  U. S. Fish & Wildlife  is accepting comments re: recent proposals threatening gray wolf recovery until October 28th.

  • Voice your opposition to the Nationwide Delisting proposal here.
  • Tell USFWS that Mexican Wolves are essential here.

If your child wants to speak up for wolves, please download our Letter Template for Kids and send it to:

Wolf Conservation Center
PO BOX 421
South Salem, NY 10590

Thank you!