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Three Wild Lobos Slated to Live Their Days in Captivity

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has ordered the trapping of three critically endangered wild Mexican gray wolves accused of livestock depredations. If captured, the alpha male and female of the Paradise Pack in Arizona and a male of the Fox Mountain Pack in New Mexico will live out there days in captivity.

Cattle grazing on public land

Since 1998, the USFWS has removed 54 wolves from the wild even though Federal agencies still don’t require livestock owners using public lands to take basic steps to prevent conflict, such as removing carcasses of dead cattle and other proven successful prevention measures.
Please act today to #SaveTheLobo. With only 75 Mexican wolves in the wild, every wolf is essential to the recovery of their rare species.
Call the USFWS and your members of congress and tell them these wolves deserve to live their lives out in the wild. Share this message with everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Effective Lobo Talking Points.

It’s a critical time for all wild lobos, USFWS’s proposed rules for Mexican wolf reintroduction includes provisions that are very problematic – including the recovery area’s artificial boundaries and their re-designation as an “experimental, nonessential” population. Please submit your comment today in support of lobo recovery to help turn the tide for wolves. Time is running out.

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