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Rock Legend Iggy Pop Urges Mchigan Governor to Cancel Wolf Hunt


Michigan native Iggy Pop, a music legend and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has endorsed the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected campaign to stop the planned the state’s first wolf hunt set to start Friday, November 15th.  Iggy Pop urges Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to cancel the state’s controversial wolf hunt since it’s clear that the “decision to approve wolf hunting was based on fraudulent information and not sound science.”

If Gov. Snyder continues to ignore the voice of the people, he’ll go down in history as the ultimate “stooge.”
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43 of Michigan’s 658 wolves will be in the cross-hairs beginning tomorrow. Please join the Iggy and the Wolf Conservation Center and support Keep Michigan Wolves Protected.
Watch there great new add, “Gov. Snyder: Stop the Hunt” and please help spread the word!