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R.I.P. Mexican Wolf M795

Last week we said goodbye to a wolf we hardly knew. Critically endangered  Mexican gray wolf M795 grew very ill in a matter of months and on February 15th, Wolf Conservation Center veterinarians euthanized the 11-yr-old lobo in order to end his suffering.

M795 was born in the wild,  but because federal agencies still don’t require livestock owners using public lands to take basic steps to prevent conflict, the elusive lobo lost his freedom.  He was blamed for livestock losses in October of 2013 so USFWS removed  M795 from the wild and brought him to the WCC to live out his remaining years.

R.I.P. M795. We wish you could have died within your rightful place on the wild landscape.

Today, the government plans to capture another wild lobo accused of depredation even though they have no way of knowing if the wolf they take is responsible for livestock losses.

Learn what you can do from to help prevent this uncollared yearling wolf from the Fox Mountain pack territory from losing his freedom here.