Month: March 2014

Become a Star of the WCC’s #LoboWeek Video

March 10, 2014

On March 29, 1998, 11 captive-reared Mexican gray wolves (Canis lupus baileyi) were released to the wild for the first time in the Blue Range Recovery Area of Arizona and New Mexico. Missing from the landscape for more than 30 years, the howl of the rarest and most unique subspecies of gray wolf, was once…

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Join Us for the 2014 Wolf Stewards Meeting

March 9, 2014

Register Now for 2014 Wolf Stewards Meeting The Midwest Wolf Stewards Conference is an annual gathering of wolf professionals from both state and federal agencies, universities, tribes, wildlife conservation organizations, and others interested in wolves and the hotly debated issues that surround North America’s most controversial species. The Wolf Conservation Center is a cosponsor of…

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R.I.P. Mexican Gray Wolf M807

March 6, 2014

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the death of a special wolf.  Mexican Gray Wolf M807 passed away today. M807 was 11 years old and called the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) home since his transfer to New York  in 2009.  M807 never received the opportunity to take his rightful place…

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Bob Wayne Discusses Repercussions of Poor Science on Wolves

March 5, 2014

UCLA’s Conservation geneticist Bob Wayne was one of five reviewers on the independent panel of scientists commissioned by USFWS to provide an objective scientific review of the federal agency’s nationwide delisting proposal. Wayne discusses the scientific shortcomings of the proposal and its repercussions on one of America’s top predators on Public Radio International’s Living on…

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How Wolves Change Rivers

March 4, 2014
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