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Educating Animal Planet About Real Wolves – Part Two

 Animal Planet has been receiving a lot of heat since falsely portraying wolves as man-eating beasts in their sensational and thoroughly misleading “Super Wolves” program. Petitions demanding the channel pull the programming has been circulating widely. Animal Planet, however, is right about something — wolves and other wild animals often demonstrate that they are indeed SUPER!

The “Bulls Boys” were two red wolf brothers who were brought to North Carolina in 1989 from Bulls Island where they had lived with their parents on the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge in South Carolina. Released into the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, the “Boys” raised their respective families in the same territory. Sadly, one of the brothers was killed several years after their release as he was crossing a road. This surviving sibling, 331M reached the age when he was no longer the breeding male of his pack (he had sired at least 22 pups in 7 litters in his prime). However, the pack tolerated the old man’s presence, and there are some stories that the other wolves in his family provided food for him until he died at age 13. He was a #SUPERWOLF, and his genes live on in the wild population in northeastern North Carolina. Michael Morse, one of the field team, still says, “I hope it’s true what the old-timers say. All dogs go to heaven.”

Stay tuned for more SUPER wolf stories and learn more about the boys here.