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Meet Ambassador Wolf Pup Nikai!

Welcoming a new pup is always a joyous occasion for a pack. So throw back your head and let out a long welcoming howl for Nikai – the newest adorable addition to the Wolf Conservation Center‘s Ambassador Pack! As an Ambassador, Nikai will help WCC wolves Atka, Zephyr, and Alawa open the door to understanding the importnace of their wild kin. The kiddo will make his debut in early June and if you’re unable to hear his squeaky howl in person, please join us online or on Facebook to follow his growth and adventures. It should be fun (and educational) watching him thrive and become yet another powerful presence in the fight to preserve wolves’ rightful place in the environment.

Celebrate Nikai and the importance of a well-educated public with a puppy shower donation!
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Your support is critical. It will help our efforts to educate adults and children about the importance and plight of this misunderstood species. The wolf’s future relies on a well-educated public to be wise stewards of the very environment that sustains us, wildlife, and future generations. Thank you!