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Tommy Whiteley – Young Conservationist Creating A Brighter Future

 Wolves, recovery, and the status of this keystone species continue to be hot topics here in our country and many wildlife advocates are feeling discouraged. While some have lost hope, others are rolling up their sleeves ready to take on the environmental challenges of the future and they’re not even old enough to vote! Earlier this week Wolf Conservation Center supporter and intern Tommy Whiteley was recognized for his amazing efforts to make our world a better place!

The White House Science Fair is an annual event hosted by President Obama to honor those who show promise in STEM-related fields. Tommy was invited to the fair as a result of being a National Winner in a Rocket21 & Captain Planet Foundation “Dream Green to Save the Planet” Innovation Competition, and for his scientific experience including working here at the Wolf Conservation Center. Tommy’s winning submission combined engineering with the science of evolution and nature to present a practical solution for combating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. His design is a filtration system for ocean-going barges, that mimic the feeding methods of baleen whales. While at the fair, Tommy met many renowned scientists, including Bill Nye the Science Guy and many chief scientific advisers to President Obama. In addition to these accomplished adults, Tommy met many blossoming scientists with genius ideas and inventions.

Tommy exemplifies the amazing potential of his generation to participate as educated agents of change in our society. We can’t wait to follow his future endeavors – Way to go, Tommy!