Month: August 2014

Happy Labor Day

August 31, 2014
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Has the Extinction of Species Taught us Anything?

August 30, 2014

 The passenger pigeon is among the most famous of American birds, but sadly this is due to it’s demise – the largest-scale human-caused extinction in history. Over a century ago, the last remaining birds that remained existed only in captivity. Similar to the critically endangered red wolf and Mexican gray wolf before their chance to…

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Announces Review of Eastern North Carolina Red Wolf Population

August 29, 2014

Eastern North Carolina Red Wolf Population Under Review Originally published on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website – here.Focus Group Sessions Scheduled August 29, 2014Contacts: Tom MacKenzie, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service awarded a contract to conduct a review of the Eastern North Carolina non-essential, experimental red wolf population to the Wildlife…

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Op-Ed Explains How New Interpretation of the ESA Threatens its Reach

August 21, 2014

Conservation, or Curation?  OP-ED CONTRIBUTORS By JOHN A. VUCETICH and MICHAEL PAUL NELSON Originally published in the New York Times – August 20, 2014 THE United States Fish and Wildlife Service — the main agency for the conservation of species — recently announced a new interpretation of the Endangered Species Act that severely limits its…

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Is Science at Risk of Extinction?

August 17, 2014

 There’s a new trend in our country and it’s not a good one… We’re ignoring science. Although U.S. Fish & Wildlife (FWS) is bound by the Endangered Species Act to base its species listing and delisting decisions on the best available science, the federal agency has been ignoring science science to give in to political…

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Brotherly Love Fest For Ambassador Wolves Zephyr & Nikai

August 10, 2014
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Tell USFWS Mexican Gray Wolves are Essential

August 8, 2014

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has released a draft proposal to change the rules governing the Mexican wolf reintroduction. The draft proposal, if implemented, will seriously jeopardize the continued existence of critically endangered Mexican gray wolves, who currently number less than 90 in the wild. The proposal ignores the best available science and…

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Wolf Conservation Center Opposes [H.R. 4315] – Endangered Species Transparency and Reasonableness Act

August 3, 2014

SUMMARY POSITION:H.R. 4315 is package of four dangerous bills that would drastically change the way the Federal government protects endangered and threatened species. HR 4315 would add layers of bureaucracy, waste limited agency resources, and divert efforts to recover species under the Endangered Species Act. Of specific concern, the bill would require federal agencies to…

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