Month: January 2015

Winter is Welcome to Arctic Wolves

January 8, 2015

Wild Arctic gray wolves (Canis lupus arctos) live primarily in the Arctic, the region located above 67° north latitude. These fascinating creatures are designed by the pressures of nature and are well adapted to survive on the icy landscape.  Ambassador wolf Atka, like his wild counterparts, has two layers of fur: the long guard hairs…

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Guest Commentary: Wolf’s Death Shines Light On Abhorrent Justice Department Policy

January 6, 2015

Guest Commentary by Judy Calman, Staff Attorney for New Mexico Wilderness Alliance. Wolf’s Death Shines Light On Abhorrent Justice Department Policy A wolf was shot and killed in Utah on December 28th. It was likely an endangered, federally protected wolf named Echo. She was the first wolf documented in the Grand Canyon in over seventy…

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Relisting Gray Wolves in the Great Lakes States

January 4, 2015

 On Dec. 19th U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell put the wolf back on the endangered species list in the Great Lakes region. Howell ruled that the (previous) removal was “arbitrary and capricious” and violated the federal Endangered Species Act. Now some are warning wildlife advocates, be careful for what you wish for… Speculation that poaching…

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