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Help Save Endangered Red Wolves

Red wolves are among the world’s most endangered species; with just a few hundred animals in existence (and about 100 in the wild), they are classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as “Critically Endangered.” Only one place on the planet are wild red wolf populations viable and secure – North Carolina. But the state’s Wildlife Resources Commission has asked the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to terminate the entire red wolf recovery program in North Carolina which would inevitably result in the loss of the last wild population of red wolves and render the species “Extinct in the Wild.”

If the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service removes the red wolf from North Carolina it will set an extremely dangerous precedent that will negatively impact all endangered species.

There are two ways YOU can help save red wolves today:
Contact your Federal Representatives (link offers contact information and talking points)
Take the #Howl4Wolves Challenge

The Wolf Conservation Center took the #Howl4Wolves Challenge.  Now it’s your turn!