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Goodbye To Mexican Wolf Who Unknowingly Touched So Many

Dear WCC Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I share sad news about a special wolf. Mexican gray wolf F810, nicknamed “Scarlet” by her adoring fans, passed away today. Although F810 resided off-exhibit, the beautiful loba crept into our homes and hearts via webcam, opening the door to understanding the importance of her endangered kin and our efforts to recover them. Her necropsy (autopsy for animals) revealed that she died of a pyometra – a uterine infection not uncommon in older intact canids.

Just last night I shared video of F810 howling on the WCC Facebook Page. I loved her howl. She sounded just like her littermate, M806, whose howl once echoed within Arizona’s canyons. He fell victim to a poacher in 2012 after six exciting years running free on the landscape of the wild southwest. Perhaps he’s sharing wild tales with his sister now… R.I.P. sweet loba. We’ll forever remember your song.

Thank you for your support,

Maggie Howell
WCC Executive Director

 Listen to F810 sing:

 Listen to her brother’s song here.