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John Jay Middle School Student Stands for B.C. Wolves

My name is Ashley.  I am a 7th grader who is passionately concerned about protecting our wildlife as our world can change forever if they are not protected and cared for in a proper way.  Not only does wildlife play a huge role on our ecological system, they are innocent creatures who do not have a voice.  If we are not able to protect wildlife, our world will be changed forever and the impact of these changes will permanently alter our planet.

Today, I’m going to tell you about a wolf crisis going on in British Columbia.  After learning about this crisis, I was compelled to do whatever possible to help bring awareness to this cause.  I spoke to my School Administrator and asked if I could share my thoughts with my fellow students and give a short speech about what was going on in British Columbia.  After doing so, there were many students who also shared my concerns.  As a result, many were willing to sign a petition to help stop this crisis in its tracks.

The government of British Columbia has begun a cruel and inhumane mission to restore the population of caribou, but what the government is doing is cruel.  British Columbia’s government has planned an aerial attack to kill 180 wolves for the next two months, but that timeline can be changed dramatically to cause even more killings of innocent wolves.  They believe that because wolves’ diets consists of elk, deer, moose, caribou, and so on, the wolves are targeting caribou.  As a result, the government of British Columbia believes the wolves are making the caribou population dwindle significantly.  By decreasing the population of wolves, the population of caribou will soon increase.  In this case, the government is making a huge, intolerable decision in solving this situation and is going to effect our eco system greatly in a negative way.  They have been saving millions of tax dollars for this shooting so they have enough funding to kill as many wolves as possible to prove their point that the population of caribou will increase.  You may be wondering why the population of caribou has dwindled so dramatically.  Well, the caribou’s habitat is facing brutal pollution, construction, and public encounters.  The government itself is a huge participant in the caribou’s crisis.  They are causing so much construction which is causing pollution, that caribou are soon dying because of it.  The government is causing their own crisis but does not want to be the blame for it.  So they need something to put the blame on and have targeted the Wolves of British Columbia.

Please, help us save these innocent creatures.  One animal should not have to die for another.  Help us make a stand for wolves.  We have to be the voice for wolves since they are not able to howl their way out of this crisis.


Ashley has collected over 1000 signatures already! Please consider downloading and printing Ashley’s petition here and stand for wolves by collecting signatures in your community too.
The signed petition should be mailed back by April 1st to:

Wolf Conservation Center 
PO Box 421 
South Salem, NY 10590