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Wolf Conservation Center, Pacific Wild, and Budding Conservationist Discuss B.C. Wolves on Heroes For Wildlife

Almost 200,000 concerned citizens from around the globe have signed Pacific Wild’s online petition opposing the British Columbia government’s scientifically unsound wolf slaughter. The government is continuing to inhumanely kill hundreds of wolves by helicopter for the next five years in the name of conserving declining caribou herds. Decades of habitat destruction and human encroachment have left B.C.’s mountain caribou on the edge of extinction. Instead of protecting critical food and habitat for caribou, the B.C. government is placing the blame on wolves.

Recognizing a need to take action, Ashley, an inspired seventh grader from John Jay Middle School, mobilized support for B.C.’s wolves. Ashley appealed to her school and was granted permission to make a presentation about the situation in B.C. and her concern for the misunderstood predator. Her speech motivated both students and faculty alike to take action and sign Ashley’s petition to help stop the B.C. crisis in its tracks.

Although the wolf cull is in progress, we must not lose hope. Please read Ashley’s appeal and join her to save B.C. wolves!

Over the years, the Wolf Conservation Center has met so many children like Ashley who exemplify the amazing potential of their generation to make this world a better place. In an effort to allow others to be inspired by these budding conservation dynamos, the WCC launched a monthly radio program, “Heroes for Wildlife,” on Nature’s Talk Show to introduce these young heroes so they can inspire, educate, and instill hope for improved human stewardship of our World. Ashley and her peers are rolling up their sleeves ready to take on the environmental challenges of the future. And they’re not even old enough to vote!

On the Heroes for Wildlife’s debut, WCC’s Maggie Howell talks to Pacific Wild director and co-founder Ian McAllister and Westchester’s own Ashley about the importance and plight of British Columbia’s wolves.

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“The Wolves’ Cry”, by Ashley

Howling with pride 
But now no more 
Our pride has vanished 
As well as our packs 
We are now stopped in our tracks 
My home is now theirs 
No longer ours. 
What have I done wrong? 
All I want is to live free 
I hope they will see 
I am free, 
I am me 
I have done no harm 
But have caused alarm. 
Please, please, there is little time 
I will no longer be around 
What will wilderness become? 
Nothing but barren, nothing but dry 
Animals will flee, we will soon see 
If you won’t let us be free.

Please Take Action

Please add your voice to the effort to save B.C. Wolves!

  • Sign Pacific Wild’s Petition here.
  • Ashley has collected close to 2000 signatures already! Please consider downloading and printing Ashley’s petition here and stand for wolves by collecting signatures in your community too. The signed petition should be mailed back to:

Wolf Conservation Center
PO Box 421
South Salem, NY 10590