Month: June 2015

House Bill Rider Takes Aim at Wolves in Wyoming & Great Lakes

June 9, 2015

Do you remember when Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) successfully delisted wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountain states in 2011? It was the first time in history when a species was removed from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) via an act of Congress (law) rather than federally mandated scientific analysis. To…

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Red Wolf Runt

June 8, 2015

On the morning of May 2, 2015 critically endangered red wolf F1563 (a.k.a. Salty) gave birth to a litter of pups – a valuable contribution to the recovery of her rare and at-risk species. The litter consists of 5 boys and 1 girl and it comes as no surprise that one is smaller than the…

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With Six Red Wolf Pups – It Takes Two

June 4, 2015

Bringing up kids is tough work for most parents and for critically endangered red wolf parents F1563 (a.k.a. Salty) and M1803 (a.k.a. Moose), it takes two. Watch them pass the baton when it comes to caring for their 6 one-month-old pups. Yup. 6 one-month-olds…  Follow the pups’ progress via LIVE webcam!

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Pupdate: An Important Milestone For Endangered Red Wolf Pups

June 2, 2015

The Wolf Conservation Center’s critically endangered red wolf pups turn one month old! This is a significant milestone for the adorable six-pack. With their eyes wide open now, the kiddos are able to wander out of the den while staying near the den entrance and their menu has expanded to include small pieces of meat…

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