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2015 Mexican Gray Wolf Annual Meeting

Representatives from dozens of facilities participating in the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan (MWSSP) are presently at the Zoológico de Chapultepec in Mexico City for the MWSSP Annual Meeting! This meeting is bringing together Fish and Wildlife Agencies from both US and Mexico, endangered species reproductive specialists, and many other organization representatives including Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) curator Rebecca Bose to tackle a myriad of issues associated with conserving the lobo. The bulk of the meeting begins today but Rebecca, as a member of the Mexican Wolf Management Group, got right down to business just a couple of hours after arriving on Wednesday evening to discuss all important matters concerning the ~ 300 captive Mexican gray wolves that call the U.S. and Mexico home. Other items on the meeting agenda include:

  • Report on the status of Mexican wolf recovery in both Mexico and the U.S.
  • Report on the Mexican wolf SSP and the status of the global captive studbook population
  • Report on reproductive research in 2014 and needs for 2015
  • Mexican wolves Genome Project
  • Criteria for selection of breeding pairs
  • Select pairs for breeding in 2015
  • Gamete banking plan and criteria for selection of candidates
  • Select semen and oocyte collection candidates for 2016
  • Select candidates for release

We’re looking forward to hearing Rebecca’s reports from the meeting so we can update you on all aspects of the program including how to best recover a sustainable population in the wild. Stay tuned!