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Free Family Event on August 12 – Walk for Wolves

Free Family Event to Protect Our Wild Heritage

August 12, 2015 
1PM – 3PM 
6 Reservation Road Cross River, New York 10518

Notable author, Newbery award winner, and USFWS “Conservation Hero,” Jean Craighead George wrote books for children. Children are still in love with the wonders of nature, and she was, too. She told stories about a boy and a falcon, a girl and an elegant wolf pack, about owls, weasels, foxes, prairie dogs, the alpine tundra, the tropical rain forest and the splendor and elegance of wildness. And when the telling was done, Jean hoped they would want to protect all the beautiful creatures and places she taught them about in her books.

We are so grateful for the many years of good memories, and for all her beloved books that will live on forever.

Thus, it is with great pleasure that the Wolf Conservation Center‘s dedicates its third annual service-learning event, “WCC’s Family Walk to Protect America’s Wild Heritage,” to Jean Craighead George in celebration of her brave voice for wildlife and her powerful presence among us as she promoted peaceful coexistence with the natural world. Through her books, Jean opened doors to understanding the plight of endangered species and the importance of rewilding the hearts of our children – a new generation of environmental stewards whose energy and action can collectively become the critical catalyst needed to protect our nation’s most important environmental law – the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – and all the imperiled species it helps to conserve.

During the event, participants will be introduced to at-risk species that have been given a chance at recovery thanks to the ESA. It will include learning activities, hikes, crafts, raffles and an appearance by the WCC’s ambassador wolf, Atka, too! We hope you can join us onthis special day!