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Opening an Exciting Chapter for the Wolf Conservation Center

At the heart of the Wolf Conservation Center’s core values is its belief that education can be a positive catalyst for change! Thus, we are proud to report that the Center’s Education Team successfully blazed a new trail last week when it hosted its first educator’s three-day workshop for public school elementary and middle school teachers at the Center. We were excited to work with such a motivated group educators as we explored the WCC’s interdisciplinary curriculum and its application in their classrooms this fall. We eagerly anticipate these rich and rewarding new partnerships as we, together, rewild young minds and hearts.

The WCC’s “Interdisciplinary Curriculum in Wolf Education: Tracks to the Future” is an academically robust, relevant, and innovative “living curriculum” that emphasizes cooperative learning in the core academic areas, research and project-based learning, and integrated service learning connections. For more info, click here.