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The Rider Roundup: An Overview of Anti-ESA Riders – Day Six


In Day Six of the ‪#‎RiderRoundup‬, we introduce another anti-environment rider– just one of many that seek to gut the Endangered Species Act and block its protections for wolves & other imperiled species.

Sec. 110 of (S. 1645) Senate Interior Appropriations Bill of 2016; Gray Wolves

This provision would legislatively order the Secretary of the Interior to END federal protections for gray wolves in Wyoming and the Great Lakes states and thus allow trophy hunting of wolves to resume within these regions. To add insult to injury, Section 110 includes “no judicial review” clauses thus prohibiting any legal challenge.

Please TAKE ACTION by urging your representatives to PROTECT the ESA and to oppose any legislation that takes aim at imperiled wildlife!

Thank you to all who have already participated in this action alert!