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The Rider Roundup – An Overview of Anti-ESA Riders


Despite its success and public support, the Endangered Species Act is under attack like never before. Some members of Congress have introduced dozens of Riders that seek to gut the ESA, block its protections for wolves, other imperiled species and habitat, and obstruct our ability to enforce this robust federal law.

Over the coming days we’ll be introducing some of the anti-ESA riders one by one. We encourage you to TAKE ACTION by urging your representatives to PROTECT the ESA!

H.R. 843 – Western Great Lakes Wolf Management Act of 2015:

If passed, this rider strips all federal protections from gray wolves in MN, WI, and MI and thus allows trophy hunting of wolves to resume in those states.

To add insult to injury, the rider includes “no judicial review” clause which prevents any legal challenge.

Please Take Action 

Thank you to all who have already participated in this action alert!