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Wolves and the Public Trust

The wildlife in our country is owned by its citizens. This legal concept implies that we all share equal, undivided interests in our wild animals. The government holds wildlife in trust for our benefit and it is empowered to manage it for the public good.

Thus, regardless of where we live, we all have the responsibility to learn about the issues that affect wildlife and to share our newly gained knowledge with others so that our circle of influence continues to grow. If you live in a ‘wolf state,’ we hope you actively participate in the debate. If you don’t live in a ‘wolf state,’ we hope you participate in citizen campaigns across the country via calls, letters, etc. and urge others to join you. We all can vote for the candidates that reflect our values, and we can support our favorite organizations with our time, our talents and/or our contributions, too.

The greatest danger to the future of wolves and all wildlife is apathy. As always, we appreciate your help and active support. Thank you.

Predators and the public trust
  By Adrian Treves1, Guillaume Chapron, JoseV.L´opez-Bao, Chase Shoemaker, Apollonia R. Goeckner and Jeremy T. Bruskotter