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Bittersweet Milestone for Critically Endangered Red Wolf


Throw back your head and let out a warm birthday howl for Red Wolf M2075! Welcome to the terrific twos, kiddo! It’s been a busy year for the stunning fellow. Within a day or two of his first birthday, his parents, M1803 (Moose) and F1563 (Salty) welcomed their second litter – a robust clutch of seven. Although he had only just become a yearling, M2075 was thrown into big-brotherhood and charged with new responsibilities and expectations to best assist his parents raise the noisy and needy newborns.

Today his young siblings are now yearlings themselves, sadly a milestone their formidable matriarch was unable to see. Salty died of unknown causes on April 30th. So on this day, join us in sending supportive howls to the family during this time of transition, and gratitude that Salty’s legacy lives on in M2075 and his frisky kin they all raised so well.