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Conservation-Minded Kiddo Runs for Wolves

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Eleven year-old Lizzy from White Plains, New York is running a 5K on May 14th to raise awareness for wolves and support the Wolf Conservation Center!

 Lizzy has always loved wolves and she wants to help others love them as well. According to Lizzy, wolves are beautiful creatures that play very important roles in our ecosystem so we shouldn’t be afraid of them – we should help them!

If you’d like to support Lizzy and the wolves she loves, please make a donation to the WCC and mention Lizzy’s name in the comments section. She’s running for the future of wolves so please join the WCC and let out a long supportive howl for Lizzy – a passionate junior activist who is determined to make the world a better place!

Donate here.

 More information about the Glenn D. Loucks Memorial Race.

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