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Mexican Gray Wolf M1198 Turns Six Years Old!

The new year started on a sad note for Mexican gray Wolf M1198. On December 27th, 2015, his formerly strong and spirited companion, Mexican wolf F749, passed away at 13 years old.

Although M1198 (affectionately nicknamed “Alleno”) and F749 were not officially related, over their two year relationship the pair shared a bond very much like a mother and son. Ever since F749’s passing, M1198 has lived the life of a lone wolf. However the elusive beauty won’t be alone much longer. This August the Species Survival Plan (SSP) management group for the Mexican gray wolf will determine breeding pairs for 2017 by using software developed for the population management of endangered species. Genetic diversity is the primary consideration in the selection of Mexican wolf breeding pairs because all Mexican wolves descended from just 7 founders rescued from extinction. So M1198 will be matched with a female with whom he’ll meet this fall. She’ll be a lucky loba as M1198 is particularly stunning. His signature stare is unforgettable – one eye golden and the other green.

So on his birthday, we hope M1198 enjoys the relaxing life of a bachelor. It will be hard to find the downtime next year when he’s celebrating with his future mate and perhaps a litter of golden-green-eyed pups too!

Happy birthday, M1198!