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Red Wolf Pup Milestone – the Fab Five Turn One

A year ago today on May 2, 2015, critically endangered red wolf F1563 (a.k.a. Salty) gave birth to a litter of pups – all of them beautiful and each pup a valuable contribution to the recovery of his and her rare and at-risk species.

 Today a new chapter begins for red “pups” m2116, m2117, m2118, m2119 and f2121, it’s their time to transition from puppy-hood to adulthood! So throw back your head and let out a long celebratory birthday howl for the Red Wolf Pup Fab Five! Welcome to yearling-hood, kiddos! And thank you for unknowingly becoming such powerful players in the fight to preserve red wolves’ rightful place in the wild! ‪