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Conservationists Urge Ontario to Enforce ESA Protection for Algonquin Wolves

Photo: Steve Dunsford
Photo: Steve Dunsford of Impressions of Algonquin

On June 14, 2016, the at-risk status of the last remaining eastern wolves in Ontario was changed from ‘Special Concern’ to ‘Threatened.’ Furthermore, this remnant population of wolves was renamed ‘Algonquin wolves’ after their stronghold in Algonquin Provincial Park. Under the Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, all threatened and endangered species and their habitat are supposed to be given immediate protection. Thus, the Ontario based organization Earthroots is conducting an inquiry to determine whether the government intends to enforce ESA protection for eastern wolves in regions that have an open hunting and trapping season for wolves and coyotes.

Read Earthroots’ press release and please stay tuned for updates.