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The Wolf is a Symbol of America’s Vanishing Wilderness Not Acts of Human Terror

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 A “lone wolf” in the natural world means something far different than the way the media is using it these days. A wolf that leaves its pack and strikes out on its own is called a ‘lone wolf.’ Its solo status makes it more vulnerable to attack by other wolves and to malnutrition. Some lone wolves are subordinates who leave when food becomes scarce.

Mostly, a lone wolf is a wolf that is searching, and what it seeks is another wolf – a mate and unoccupied territory and sufficient food to survive. It will sometimes travel **hundreds** of miles from where it was born because everything in its nature tells it to belong to something greater than itself ~ a family or ‘pack.’

Wolves who do this are called ‘dispersers’ and their dispersal ensures the critical genetic exchange between wolves from different family groups which keeps all wolf populations healthy. So, when you hear the term ‘lone wolf,’ think of a strong, resilient and rugged individualist who is devoted to family and healthy life-long bonds.

It is time humans start owning up to their own shortcomings instead of attributing it to other species.