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Grazing Cows on Public Lands is the Problem. Not Endangered Wolves.


Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife helicopters are in the air now to kill members of the Profanity wolf pack. Why? To protect cows grazing on public lands.

If this sounds familiar, it should.

This is the second time in four years that a pack of endangered wolves has received the death penalty because of the grazing of privately owned cattle on this remote, rugged, and relatively road-less area of public forest in the northeast corner of Washington state.

The public lands of the United States harbor some of the greatest resources of our nation and are owned by ALL Americans. Don’t let history repeat itself. We should not allow another family of endangered wolves to be killed on OUR public lands to benefit the profit margins of a private business.

Petition: Tell Governor Inslee to prevent further killing of the Profanity Peak pack.
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