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Mexican and Red Wolf Species Survival Plan Meeting 2016


Collaborating to save the most endangered wolves in the world.

For the first time in history, members from two Species Survival Plans are joining together to work on behalf of two critically endangered species – the Mexican gray wolf and red wolf. Held in in Chico Springs, Montana, this meeting is brings together representatives from dozens of facilities participating in the SSPs, Fish and Wildlife Agencies from both U.S. and Mexico, state wildlife agencies, endangered species reproductive specialists, and many other organization representatives to tackle the myriad of issues associated with recovering the the most endangered wolves in the world. Items on the meeting agenda include:

  • Report on the status of Mexican wolf recovery in both Mexico and the U.S.
  • Report on the status of red wolf recovery
  • Report on both the Mexican wolf and red wolf SSP and the status of the global captive studbook populations
  • Report on reproductive research in 2015 and needs for 2016
  • Criteria for selection of breeding pairs
  • Select pairs for breeding in 2016-2017
  • Gamete banking plan and criteria for selection of candidates
  • Select semen and oocyte collection candidates for 2017
  • Select candidates for release

Stay tuned for reports from the meeting