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Our tax-dollars at work… Paying to kill wolves to protect cows on public lands.


Profanity Peak Wolf Pack Update: 6 wolves down, 5 to go. Washington state’s wildlife agents have already killed six wolves and are searching for the rest of the pack. Two members of the pack were destroyed by aerial kill teams in early August, but wildlife agents are still hunting five members of the pack, which include pups. More.

Wolves are listed as endangered in Washington; there are roughly 90 wolves in the state. It is important to note that the Diamond M Ranch livestock operator ELECTED to turn out his cattle on Profanity Peak pack’s den site. For the third time in four years, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife is exterminating a wolf pack to protect Len McIrvin’s cattle, a, Washington State University researcher says, after the rancher turned his animals out right on top of the Profanity Peak pack’s den.

Petition: Tell Governor Inslee to prevent further killing of the Profanity Peak pack.
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