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Officials Foresaw Conflict Between Profanity Peak Pack and Livestock

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife managers ANTICIPATED conflict between the Profanity Peak Pack wolves and cattle earlier this summer because the pack’s range “overlaps public land where ranchers graze their cattle in the summer.”

The Profanity Peak pack overlaps almost entirely with public federal lands administered through the U.S. Forest Service.

So during the first week of June, Dept. employees started trapping to place radio collars on endangered wolves to monitor the pack. Two adult wolves were collared and soon thereafter cows began to disperse into the pack’s range including the den site and later with rendezvous sites. On July 8th, the state confirmed the first wolf depredation. Less than a moth later the state issued its first kill order.

Were no proactive measures mandated by the state to deter cows from encroaching an area where the Department foresaw conflict? Moreover, can the state justify killing endangered wolves on OUR public lands to benefit the profit margins of a private business?

Is the Department of Fish and Wildlife working to “preserve, protect and perpetuate” wildlife, or privately owned cows on public lands?

TAKE ACTION: Please continue to politely contact WA Governor Jay Inslee at: and/or 800-833-6388 to urge him to stop the lethal removal effort.

Petition: Tell Governor Inslee to prevent further killing of the Profanity Peak pack:
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